Reveille & Progressive Insurance Gift Veteran With Car

Laura, Toni and Todd with a new gifted car

“When we found out we were losing our car back in June, my wife was very diligent using social media and did a lot of researching on the use of social medias and sending emails to celebrities, any foundations just trying to get assistance. Even if just a small amount-just some assistance and she came across Reveille. She got a hold of Laura. Laura found this program, signed us up and said “It’s a short notice. It is only a month away, but we will cross our fingers.” Just so happens-we were blessed and selected. I love my family. I love my country and I love what I did in the military.” 

“I was not surprised when this family came to Reveille Foundation in need of financial assistance, because that is one of the many services that we provide. What I was surprised about was that is was regarding a vehicle that was up for repossession. The need was unique from our other financial cases. I thought to myself, “Self, how do I help this family when I know the available resources are only providing rental assistance and utility assistance?” I then told myself, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!” I dug deep on the internet and found Keys to Progress. Although I had another organization tell me, “that is a long shot do not even waste your time,” I knew my veteran couple was worth a long shot. I threw up a hail mary and it landed. Although it is small compared to both Todd and Toni’s sacrifice, we here at Reveille Foundation feel honored to help them through this challenging time in their story. Todd and Toni- on behalf of myself and the Reveille foundation- THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!! -Laura Matuzek  Reveille Success Coach  

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