Reveille provides a multitude of Veterans service programs, success coaching, transitional housing, Navajo Nation support and more!

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Reveille provides a multitude of Veterans service programs, success coaching, transitional housing, Navajo Nation support and more!

Reveille - Eugene, Oregon

VA - Compensated Work Therapy Partnership

As Reveille has expanded to Eugene, Oregon we have been working with the Roseburg VA Healthcare System-Eugene Division, CWT Program. We are excited to have executed a Memorandum of Agreement to provide CWT/Transitional Work opportunities. Reveille will work with CWT participants who are interested in transitional work opportunities to learn our model of case management and work as a Success Coach with other underserved veterans. The VA will in turn compensate that individual for this transitional work opportunity. Our goal is to provide the experience and resiliency to these veterans to assist them in getting back to a career or continue to work with the Foundation. We hope to expand this program to include other workforce opportunities.

Oregon Transitional Housing

Working in partnership with Fortify Holdings, Reveille is working to acquire 80-120 housing units and support the community with housing and wraparound services to support emergency, veterans and other underserved members of our community.

Reveille on 6th
Eugene, Oregon

Reveille @ D River
Lincoln City, Oregon


A great example is our partnership with Republic Services for the direct hire of veterans for trash truck driving positions. Of the 12 veterans we identified as possible candidates, nine were interviewed, and five were hired with a 42% placement and a 60% retention rate. This was a great partnership that helped five unemployed veterans gain employment, each at a starting salary close to $50,000. That’s $250,000 to support and stabilize their families!

The efforts to support Navajo Nation Veterans have also been an incredible collaboration of local, regional, and national partners. This effort started at the beginning of the pandemic and has resulted in four events, with more slated for this year that will support more than 6,000 Navajo veterans and their families across every Agency in the nation including almost 100 Chapter Houses. This has included 60-80 tons of fresh and non-perishable foods, water, firewood, clothing, toys, books, 30,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and safety equipment. It is our honor to work alongside these dedicated partners and we shall continue to support them as much as possible.

Republic Services veteran recruitment group
Reveille volunteers packing and shipping food and water for distribution to Navajo Nation

Success Coach,
Case Management Program

Working with military and veterans for more than 20 years has uncovered an important element missing for the success of veterans and their families. The ability to understand all of the options and resources available and to make the best decision for that individual’s success. There are more than 45,000 military and veteran organizations nationwide, however many of these organizations are based inside silos; education, housing, workforce, state, and government-run silos, where case management is focused on specific areas and not broadly around all aspects of life. Furthermore, there is very little awareness of these resources and benefits among veterans and transitioning military and the ability to navigate these resources can be very difficult. Our Success Coach Case Management Program offers a better way to serve This holistic approach from a non-profit organization without a singular mission will work to understand veterans’ goals and work with them weekly to achieve their goals and better their lives.

If you need this kind of support for you or a loved-one, please apply for services and complete an application. One of our Success Coaches will reach out and schedule a one-on-one assessment. This assessment will understand holistically where you are at in life and together, we will put together a Success Plan to get you where you want to go!

Reveille Veterans Stand Down event
Steve Yamamori and Brenda Powell at Reveille Foundation event

Native American Programs
Navajo Nation

Another program Reveille created and are very honored to support is the partnership with the Navajo Nation. At the onset of the Pandemic, the Navajo Nation quickly realized they were in a catastrophic condition. The pandemic was spreading at such a high rate that sanitation and PPE were in short supply. The Nation then had to lock down leaving many lacking food, water, and firewood. By June 2020, the Navajo Nation had more COVID-19 Cases than 12 States — and more deaths than 7 states combined.

That’s when Reveille began working with community partners, churches, veterans, and others to bring donations for Navajo veterans. We reached out to our community partners to support the effort. Fry’s Food Stores donated 10 tons of water, National Powerline donated flatbed trucks and crews to drive the water to the Navajo Nation. We applied for emergency grants with the Bob Woodruff Foundation and to date have supported more than 6,000 Navajo Veterans in almost
every region of the nation with almost 6,000 food boxes, 10, tons of firewood and 30,000 bottles of hand sanitizer. 

We did not do this work alone and are so thankful to the Navajo Nation Veterans Administration, the Dine Naazbaa Partnership, America’s Warrior Partnership, Phoenix Truck Driving InstituteVeterans 5-9Refinery Church, Free Fresh Foods, and Food City for this partnership that remains active today. 

Great Seal of the Navajo Nation
Navajo Nation wood delivery volunteer team
Volunteer unloads firewood and water for the Navajo Nation

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